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slurry pump wet end parts slurry pump impeller metal impeller
slurry pump wet end parts slurry pump impeller metal impeller

Slurry Pump Wet Ends

Wet ends are the main parts of a slurry pump, including cover plate liner, frame plate liner, rubber impeller or metal impeller, volute liner, frame plate liner insert and throatbush. Material of the wet ends is an important parameter which determines lifetime of a slurry pump. Naipu self-developed rubber largely prolongs the lifetime of wet ends.


Material of wet end parts

Wet end parts of slurry pump can apply many materials, which are mainly classified into metal wear-resistant material and natural rubber wear-resistant material. Practice has proved that rubber has the better abrasive resistance and better acid-resistance. Rubber is suitable for transferring fine or medium particles without sharp edges, so the max. diameter of particles transferred by rubber lined slurry pumps should below 10mm. Meanwhile, rubber cannot be used to transfer slurries with hydrocarbon, oil or grease, or transfer slurries over 80℃. If the impeller is made of rubber, the rev. should be lower than 28m/s. In consideration of all these factors and conditions, the wet end parts of Naipu slurry pumps can be divided into the following four kinds:

R (Rubber impeller + rubber liners + rubber throatbush), applicable for:

1. Normal temperature, less than 80°C
2. Slurries with fine or medium particles
3. Low or medium head
4. Mineral oil free
5. Ball mill discharge, tails conveying

MR (Metal impeller + rubber liners + rubber throatbush), applicable for:

1. Normal temperature, less than 80°C
2. Slurries with medium or coarse particles
3. Froth slurry transferring
4. Heads over 60m
5. Mineral oil free
6. Discharge of AG mills, SAG mills and grinding rollers

M (Metal impeller + metal liners + metal throatbush), applicable for:

1. High temperature, over 80°C
2. Heads over 60m
3. Transferring mineral contained oil

MMR (Metal impeller + metal throatbush + rubber liner), applicable for:

1. Slurries with medium or coarse particles
2. Froth slurry transferring
3. Heads over 60m


  • 1.As an elastomer, rubber can absorb kinetic energy and shock of the solids, so it’s more wear-resistant;
  • 2.Stable chemical, has better corrosion resistance;
  • 3.Better anti-cavitation performance than high-chromium alloy;
  • 4.Small density, light weight, easy installation;
  • 5.Absorb noise and vibration.


  • 1.Cannot be applied to transfer slurries with oil or grease (molybdenum minerals);
  • 2.Cannot be applied for high-temperature slurries;
  • 3.Rubber impellers cannot be applied for conditions as coarse particles (size over 18mm), or head over 60m, or rev. over 28m/s.

Naipu Brand Wet End Parts

Naipu also provides wet end parts in a slurry pump made of high grade materials like:

  • 1. wear-resistant high-chromium eutectic white cast alloy
  • 2. wear-resistant ultra high-chromium hypereutectic white cast alloy with a hardness up to HCR65.

Naipu Rubber Technology

Naipu runs its own material research and test center, focusing on the development and application of a variety of rubber and polyurethane materials, in combination with technical exchange and cooperation with several universities and research institutes in China. Rubber preparation technology with liquid-phase method has been applied and various natural rubber compounds have been developed for slurry pumps. High grade latex originated in Southeast Asia is used, in combination with fully dispersed rubber accelerant, to produce quality natural rubber with features of high resilience, high tear strength, ultraviolet resistance and aging resistance.

Naipu recommends that rubber lined slurry pumps be applied.

- Natural rubber is reproducible material, obtained from tropical rubber trees, with no ecologic damage
-Compared with high chromium alloy, the production process of rubber parts consumes less energy, and generates less exhaust gas, waste water and dust
- Scrapped products are recyclable, resulting in no environmental trash
- The less use of metal helps protect our globe.

Naipu Rubber Performance

Items  Parameters 
  NP-01 NP-06 NP-16
Shore Hardness type  A 65±5 35±5 50±5
Tensile strength, mPa ≥ 18 21 25
Elongation at rupture,≥ 600 700 600
Permanent deformation at reputure,≤ 20 10 15
Tear strength(crescent), KN/m ≥ 75 45 120
Relative volume wear loss, mm<sup>3</sup>/40m ≤ 30 20 30
Rebound value, ≥ 40 65 60


  • Mongolia slurry pump

    Naipu slurry pump 550 used in CNGG Inner Mongolia Mining Co., Ltd

  • cyclone feed pump

    3 sets of Naipu cyclone feed pumps used in Yinchun Luming Mining plants.

  • 450 slurry pumps

    Naipu 450 slurry pumps were used in primary mill classifying plants in Tongguan Mining.

  • gold mine slurry pump

    Naipu supply 16 sets of 450 slurry pump for KSO and SABC circuit mill.

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