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Polyurethane panels Polyurethane plates Polyurethane Screen Panels
Polyurethane panels Polyurethane plates Polyurethane Screen Panels

Polyurethane Screen Panels

Naipu Polyurethane panels and plates for Vibrating Screens can separate mixed material of different kinds into different classes of particle sizes through the combination of single-deck or multi-deck screens, so as to meet the requirements of a certain ore dressing process.


Polyurethane plate structure:

1) inlaid

2) bolt connected

3) layer connected

4) sieve hook connected


  1. Different types of trommel screens used in Ball mill, SAG mill, or AG mill.
  2. A self-centering vibrating screen
  3. A heavy duty vibrating screen

Advantages of Polyurethane Screen Plates

  1. Polyurethane screen plates have longer service life and better loading ability. As the loading ability of polyurethane screen plates is more than 2.5 times that of rubber screen plates, its service life is 8-10 times of metal plates, 3 times of SUS, 3.9 times of natural rubber. It is the most wear-resistant material for screen plates.
  2. Screening efficiency of polyurethane screen plates is high. It has self-cleaning performance, and the non-blocking and screening efficiency are high. Naipu polyurethane screen plates apply imported raw material, whose elasticity and relaxation are fine.
  3. The application range of polyurethane screen plates is wide. Naipu can design and manufacture polyurethane screen plates for any types of vibration screen to meet the mining requirements.
  4. Running noise of polyurethane screen plates is low, which can meet the national standard about noise. According to the tested data at site, noises made by Naipu polyurethane screen plates is 5-20 db lower than metal ones, and Naipu polyurethane screen plates makes less dust.
  5. Naipu polyurethane screen plates have outstanding economic benefits. Based on overall consideration about screening efficiency, maintenance cost and service life, polyurethane screen plates are much better than metal screen plates.


  • screen rubber spares

    Naipu screen spares used on 3273 double-deck screen in Panzhihua Steel, Sichuan Province

  • Vibrating screen spares

    Naipu polyurethane screen panels and Naipu rubber panels have long service life.

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