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Jiangxi Naipu Mining Machinery and New Materials Co., Ltd. develops, produces and sells rubber slurry pumps and rubber spares for mining equipment, which are widely used in mines, metallurgy, iron and steel and other industries.

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A Leader in the Industry, A Winner by Quality.

Naipu Project Cases

Naipu products are applied in ore dressing process in good working conditions.

Mongolia slurry pump

CNGG Inner Mongolia Mining Co., Ltd

Naipu slurry pump 550 used in CNGG Inner Mongolia Mining Co., Ltd

cyclone feed pump

Yichun Luming cyclone feed pump

3 sets of Naipu cyclone feed pumps used in Yinchun Luming Mining plants.

450 slurry pumps

Anhui Tongguan(lujiang) Mining Co., Ltd, primary mill classifying pump

Naipu 450 slurry pumps were used in primary mill classifying plants in Tongguan Mining.

gold mine slurry pump

KSO Gold Mine New Concentrator, Laos, SABC Circuit Mill Discharge Pump

Naipu supply 16 sets of 450 slurry pump for KSO and SABC circuit mill.

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chairman speech

Board chairman speech: Zheng Hao

We persist in the business principle of "High Quality, High Technology, High Standard, High Efficiency".

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